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New Website

This news briefing marks the launch of our new website and, to start with, we would like to let our images speak for themselves.

A glance at the outdoor shots taken around our region is more than just “viewing” and navigating to the relevant product pages, since the icons at the bottom right edge of the screen also provide information about each of the industrial settings. We also focus on photo production, since, despite all speculation, the images you see are not computer-generated – which is why you can see for yourself that Fleischer office furniture retains its appeal, even when drenched in water or in an icy wind.

The redesigned Product pages should give you a comprehensive overview of our overall range, as well as offer deeper insights into the individual product categories.

Be inspired by the topics in the Corporate section of the website. The navigation bar at the top lets you specify priority areas, directly as a fast-track approach to reach the desired end product.

The Services section provides you with an overview of the set of service features we provide. A cornerstone of our work, but one which we prefer to introduce in a personal conversation or in practical ways.

Please enjoy discovering our new website!